Terms & Conditions

IRICH Affiliate Program:

1. The Fantasy sports certification program will be delivered in various places across INDIA by designated staff and founder members of iRICH affiliates.
2. The Holiday Voucher issued is attached with certain terms and conditions, there will be NO EXTRA charges to be paid and is for accommodation only.
3. An affiliate can have maximum 3 id’s in the iRICH affiliate program, however only ONE iRICH package will be issued.
4. Team matching bonus is 1:2 or 2:1 for the first set only, later on from 2nd set it will be 1:1
5. One direct referral in left team and one direct referral n Right team is a must for earning the Team Bonus
6. Leadership Bonus: 10% of Team Matching Bonus earned is deducted from all affiliates and is distributed 10 Levels above in the line of sponsorship
7. Leadership Bonus accumulated will be transferred to cash wallet on the 10th of every month provided the affiliate completes the required set’s in the particular month.
8. All affiliates are required to input the correct PAN card number and Bank account details.
9. All earning by an affiliate will be credited to CASH WALLET which can be viewed in the Affiliate back office using the Login ID and password.
10. The Total BONUS in the CASH WALLET will be debited on Saturday and will be credited to BANK ACCOUNT on Wednesday.
11. The Fantasy sports certification program fees will include extra 5% GST which has to paid by the Affiliate.
12. iRICH deducts only 5% of the bonus earned towards admin charges. Rs.20/- and Rs.10/- will be sent to Game Wallet to join contest on www.sixcer.com
13. A normal 5% TDS charges are applicable when the bonus amount is transferred to bank account.
14. All bank transfers are processed through NEFT on Wednesday and may credit affiliates bank account in 48hrs.
15. If any Wednesday there is a BANK Holiday the payments will be processed on the next working day of the BANK.
16. There are changes that an affiliate can be terminated from the bonus program if he/she is found to misrepresent the affiliate program as a Ponzi scheme.
17. The current standard iRICH Package is Rs.9000 + GST @ 5% (Total Rs.9450/-)
18. GST and TDS are subject to change as an when required by the standard deduction law of Govt. of INDIA
19. iRICHpreserves the rights to modify the certification program module, Holiday Package, accommodation and breakfast without any priornotice.
20. Any alteration or modification of affiliate bonus calculations will be circulated before 21 days via communication in website.
21. iRICHand its Founder affiliates reserve the rights to add or subtract the current affiliate bonus module.
22. The username and passwords details must not be shared with others and be must be protected at all times.
23. Once PAN CARD and profile KYC details are completed, no details will be changed unless in the event of misfortune
24. The Fantasy sports certification program will be held across INDIA. The fees paid is valid for a lifetime. No travel expenses will be borne by iRICH
25. Anyone who is of 21 years of age and has a valid PAN card along with an Bank account number can join the iRICH Affiliate program
26. www.irich.in is also an official promotion partner of www.sixcer.com and is paid 17% of the profit share.
27. iRICH distributes 15% of the marketing profit share received from www.sixcer.com to iRICH Rank Holders in a pool sharing basis.
28. Whilst fantasy sports is an upcoming business across INDIA, www.sixcer.com does not promote its business in the state of TELANGANA, ORISSA & ASSAM.